About Us

Founded in 1984, Cycle Wipers Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and processor of quality new and recycled industrial wiping rags.


We pride ourselves on providing the highest caliber of wiping rags available, offered in a variety of colors, fabrics and weights with various ranges of absorbency, softness, durability and color-fast. Our premium selection will suit any and all needs.


Our company values customer service as do we our wiping rags, and takes considerable interest in obtaining and acquiring lifetime customers that look for excellence in both quality product and customer satisfaction.


Environmental awareness has always been of great importance to our company, therefore we manufacture and process 100% post consumer recycled materials. Our goal is to contribute to an environmentally sustainable community. We purchase clothing items that are past the conditions of resale from charitable organizations, then cut, sort and package them into quality, premium, wiping rags for your use. This eco-friendly manufacturing process reduces the strain on our environment, which is a core value our company was built on.


By choosing Cycle Wipers, you benefit from exceptional, eco-friendly product, outstanding customer service, and delivery that sets our company apart from the rest. This is why Cycle Wipers is entering its third generation of business.