Leading The Wiping Rag Industry

Our company delivers complete customer satisfaction. We can produce products to meet any and all requirements. Orders can be prepared according to customer’s specifications from 50lbs to 50000lbs.


Cycle Wipers is the most innovative company in terms of packaging solutions, being the only company in Western Canada to offer a machine compressed 10lbs cardboard box of wiping rags. This exclusive packaging box is small to reduce taking up space, easily stackable, virtually indestructible and all together environmentally sound choice as it is biodegradable, being the perfect choice for the customers only able to have biodegradable packaging (no plastics.) Along with a cocktail of other packaging options which range from a 1lbs bag to 50lbs cardboard box to a 900lbs bale, plastic or cardboard we have it all. Our state of the art pallet wrapping machine is used to secure skids safely and improve your ease of handling. Depicted below is an example of the efficiency of palletized and unitized skids of compressed rags minimizing the floor space used in your warehouse.