Wiping Rag Uses


From polishing cloths for your car to absorbent rags for oil spills, our product caters to any and all kinds of consumers. 


Usages: Buffing, cleaning surfaces, industrial clean up, painting, polishing, soaking up, staining, sponging, wiping down equipment, or even wiping your hands. Rags have scrubbing ability, they are durable, reusable, and washable, paper wipers cannot match the attributes offered by cloth.



Safe Rag Disposal Package


A common question we receive is how to safely dispose of dirty, possibly hazardous rags, in which we have a simple solution. Our company offers a service where we give your company a disposal unit called a Clothwipes-Drum for your facility in which you fill up with the dirty wiping rags. When it is full we pick up your Clothwipes-Drum and transport it back to our establishment where we make sure the dirty rags are treated properly before disposal.



Exclusive Eco-Friendly Packaging


If you’re looking for the most “green” packaging solution our company suggests the 10lbs. compressed cardboard boxes. They’re not only an economically safer alternative for the environment but also a better-looking and sturdier form of packaging.



Prepaid Delivery Requirements


Receiving prepaid delivery in the lower mainland with a minimum of $500.00CAD order. Prepaid shipments to B.C., Alberta, and Washington on TL & LTL orders. 




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